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The Pupil Drop Animation Tip

Kevan Shorey was kind enough to send along a terrific tip regarding pupil movements during blinks. By allowing the pupil to drop and resolve along WITH the lid, you can add a subtle bit of animation that instantly injects life and soul without much extra work!

Originally tweeted as an #animtip, Kevan had this to say about the pupil drop:

animtip Tweet about pupils in blink animations

Being a visual fellow, I asked for a bit of image-explanation and Kevan was kind enough to follow up with this.

Pupil Movement on a Blink(click image for a larger view)

The next time you have a close-up shot, why not try this nifty tip to see just how much it adds to your scene? Remember, it’s the little things that take animation from good to great!

Kevan Shorey is an animator with Dreamworks who graciously shares his years of wisdom and experience online @kevanshorey and on his blog found here. A huge thanks to him for this clever addition to our animation skillsets!

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