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Animation News: Wage fixing cartel, CG styles, expensive Popeye, Glen Keane’s “Duet”

Be an informed animator – watch the latest animation news! There is an illegal wage fixing cartel of big studios, Glen Keane presented his first short after his retirement, “The book of life” distances itself from overused CG styles and some award ceremonies are adapting to the changing animation market… Feel free to discuss the recent events in the comments.

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  1. albert says:

    As usual, great job guys!

  2. Peter G. says:

    Frankly the wage fixing thing disgusts me. These people need thrown in jail, but only after they are stripped of ever dollar they’ve ever made while doing this sh*t and it should be given to the animators they screwed. Disgusting.

  3. Zoe says:

    Love that intro! Hilarious! When you crumpled up the paper I nearly lost it. ^.^

  4. ultrapikachu says:

    Duet was probably the best animation I’ve ever seen. Glen Keane is genius. I can’t wait to download the app that makes it so you can look into the world like it’s around you!!

  5. Sabina K says:

    The Disney/Pixar style is what people are used to. I think people often judge a book but its cover and in this case judge a movie by its style. My mom does that and it really hurts me to hear her call tv shows like avatar stupid, just because she doesn’t like the art style, just because it’s something different than what everybody’s used to. So creating a different art and animation style is risky. Artists will probably understand it, not sure if other people will. You can’t judge a movie unless you’ve seen it.(Wow, the same thing can be said about books, so that’s not a new problem, it’s been here for years!)

    • That’s actually a very interesting topic there. I am not sure what would be the correct English term but I think this is all about a “connection” to a style. We have easy, established connections to mainstream styles because we grow up with them. And we usually keep away from styles that we haven’t connected with yet. I remember that I had huge prejudices against South Park, because the crudeness in all the clips I saw repelled me. But then I watched a couple of episodes and started to “get” the full satirical depth.

      And I remember when some friends invited me to a “Bad Religion” concert, so I borrowed a CD and when I listened to it for the first time it was only noise to me. And I was really in doubt about the whole concert thing, but I ahd already bought the ticket, so I kept listening. And then after a while I suddenly could “find” and enjoy the qualities of their music.

      Maybe it really is a brain thing that needs effort and time to process unusual patterns. And since our brain likes to be lazy it stays away from the uncomfortable task of building a new connection. I think this isn’t necessarily a matter of intellectual or simple stuff, but just about what we are used to. Often we can gain something if we give stuff a second chance, even if that means we have to force us to discover something unknown. We miss out if we think we “know” that something is bad. Often it isn’t.

  6. Leon the Moon-rider says:

    I really enjoyed this. I think you should do them more than just two months apart!! There’s animation news everyday. Do 1 everyday. 😛 okok I will go easy on you. Twice a week. 😛

    • Thank you for your positive feedback! 😀 I really appreciate it.
      The news are one of my favorite things to do, but at the same time one of the most exhausting. So far I needed 5 full work days to write, shoot, edit, illustrate and finish one news episode and that’s a lot of time that I then don’t have for other (paid :/ ) projects. But who knows, maybe one day we can do Animator Island for a living and then I would love to do news at least every month… or whenever something news worthy happens.
      Thanks again :)

  7. Daniel says:

    You should make more of the news videos they arte great. Why not 1 a week? There is enough news.


    It is possible to have a big company and not be part of a cartel these days? The same thing is happening in SO many industries. People in charge are terrible greedy people so they want all the money for themselves.

  9. alvera says:

    Why do you not do the animation news videos anymore! They were my favorite! :(

  10. shatamen says:

    is this series over because there are no new ones and i liked them?

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