The “In a Nutshell” series is a monthly collection of linked tips, news, trailers and tutorials from around the web. It also contains the best posts from our Facebook and Twitter pages in case you missed them there. Plus, Talkback from Animator Island readers!

:: News
  • Is Ted an animated film?

    Seth MacFarlane’s new successful mature comedy “Ted” featuring an animated Teddy Bear alongside live-action brought up the discussion whether this film counts as an animated movie or not on cartoonbrew

  • Racism in cartoons
    This article in the New York Times Magazine worries about racism in cartoon classics and how kids deal with them. There are some interesting questions to think about: Where is the line between stereotypes (which are vital for cartoons) and racist cliches? Are kids really unable to understand the outdated wrong point of view after a short explanation?
  • Animations for iDevices
    There are more and more interactive projects for iPhone and iPad with fluent animation and delightful art popping up: Recently, “Beastly ABC” got its kickstarter fund and animator Ryan Woodward`s released the first part of his animated graphic novel “Bottom Of The Ninth”.
:: Trailers

Check out this Filipino indie feature film project:


Blue Sky released a first little teaser for “Epic”… some pictures of it look quite epic indeed.


The teaser for Monster’s University is out. There are four slightly alternated versions, where Mike says different things in his sleep: Pony, Clothes, Dog, President

Meanwhile, Hotel Transylvania is looking better and better…

From Tim Burton we get to see another Stop-Motion feature Frankenweenie

:: Inspiration

Great tutorial on how to make an affordable wire armature for a stop motion puppet. If you always wanted to build one, these instructions are what you were waiting for.


In this speech John Cleese shares some simple but effective tricks on how to create ideal conditions to be creative. Check it out!


:: Shorts



:: Festivals

For festival dates and information, as well as a handy list of deadlines visit:

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