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Animation Critique: The quarrel – good acting and boosting clarity

This is an animation critique for one of my students. She did a fantastic job with understanding the characters’ attitudes, values and motivations, but there is still a lot to tweak with regard to timing and posing to ensure everything comes across clearly.
Watch it above or click on “read more” to see the core lessons of this animation critique in text form.


3 Reasons Why “Klaus” Is a Game Changer for Animation

Why Klaus is a game changer

Chances are that you have already seen Sergio Pablo’s trailer “Klaus” and maybe you were among the many people whose jaw dropped. Gorgeous 2D animation shaded like a 3D CGI movie! Unbelievable!

In this article I want to discuss why this film (or rather the possibilities of the mysterious technology behind it) could mark an important milestone in animation history, and how it might signal the return of 2D in American feature animation.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Squash and Stretch

Squash and Stretch in Animation

Today we’ll be taking a look at a fantastic gif that reddit user ‘GallowBoob’ shared recently. A huge tiger leaps up to catch an enormous chunk of raw meat in its jaws before bounding away. By watching this action in slow motion we can get a detailed look at how squash and stretch play an essential part in real world motion, and how we can apply that to our animation work.


Believable animation & finding your career path – Interview with Samy Fecih – UPDATE: Now also as mp3

In this interview lead animator Samy Fecih opens a treasure chest of valuable animation tipps and tricks. We talk about good and bad acting, working with reference, the challenges of realistic vs. cartoony styles and more… It’s an hour packed with animation know-how wrapped up with some advice for your demoreel and career path.

UPDATE: You don’t need no picture with your interviews? Click here for an audio only version to listen to. There are some tiny moments though where Samy shows stuff to the camera, but everything should still be understandable.