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Become a better animator

Animator Island is a treasure trove of animation secrets, techniques, tips, and information on your quest to become a Master Animator. Our goal is to inspire you, dear artist, to reach new heights of movement, acting, and storytelling to propel the great medium of animation to exciting and brilliant new places.

Arthur Christmas – Story, Animation & Acting Tips

Let’s take a look at Arthur Christmas and see what we can learn from this unique and clever film – from clear action sequences and tight story structure, to small acting details that took this film above and beyond our initial expectations.

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Physics in Animation: Weight Gain and Loss

Did you know that moving with or against gravity actually causes weight gain and loss? It’s time for another Principle of Animation Physics defined by Professor Alejandro Garcia. In this series of articles on Animator Island I’ve been explaining some basic...

Breakdowns – How to define motion

Breakdown poses are the animator’s most important tool to define motion. Find out how you can use them to control acceleration, arcs, as well as overlapping and follow through...


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Lessons From Disney’s Zootopia

Animator Lessons from Disney's Zootopia Animation

Disney’s Zootopia has quickly climbed to the number one spot of… well, pretty much every list, it seems like. An incredible score of 98% on Rottentomatos, 8.4/10 on imdb and it even broke Frozen’s opening week box office record (gasp). So, what is it that so many people like about this film? Let’s take a look at what makes Zootopia special and what we as animators can learn from it.

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