The Internet’s Best Yo Momma Animation Jokes

Recently the Twitter hashtag #yomommaanimation has become an online sensation, and animators from all across the globe have been creating some hilarious riffs! We’ve pulled together some of our favorites for a lighter update today; one that will hopefully make you smile. Warning, though, if you aren’t an animator chances are good you won’t understand a single pun!

Yo momma so fat, she eats every meal at Ease In & Out Burger

Yo momma so ugly Windsor McKay rotoscoped her for Gertie the Dinosaur!

Yo Momma so stupid her favorite animator is Frank N. Ollie.

yo momma so fat she stepped in a Maya scene and the grid snapped.

Yo momma so dumb she walks around calling her muffin top “FK Handles”

yo momma so fat, her textures got stretch marks

yo mamma so fat she can only squash

Yo momma so dumb she thought photoshop was an actual store.

Yo momma so fat, she clips the far AND near plane.

Yo Momma so fat it’s quicker to draw the negative space every frame.

Want more animation-related hilarity? You can do a Twitter search of the hashtag #yomommaanimation for the latest that folks come up with. Want only the cream of the crop? Follow us @AnimatorIsland and we’ll retweet some of the best ones we come across! (Also our apologies to Mama Odie in the banner image. She’s the only “Mama” in animation we could think of!)

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Sabina K

The one with Maya grid is hilarious!


I am literally in tears right now! Ha! These are great! I showed them to my friend who is in Engineering and he was like 😐

Haha that makes them even better!!


HA! These are great!!


Very funny thanks!


Yo mamma so slow she is like a 8 gig video file when you try to save a copy!
Yo mamma so fat she is 4D!
Yo mamma so ugly she looks like the old 3DSMax User Interface!

Okay that last one was just mean. 😛