Today’s 10 second tip is about a simple, but very effective trick to improve the appeal and dynamic of your poses: Lean the body!

Have you ever noticed that a single line itself can express an emotion?

When you use more lines you can already express pretty complex stuff. Notice how it gets more interesting if you vary angle and flow.

Keep this in mind when you construct a pose. Imagine your character as a stick figure and think about how you can make the few remaining lines more interesting. The easiest way that will guarantee a more dynamic pose is to lean the body. See how these poses improve:

Why is that? Well, it forces you to make a statement: Is the character drawn to something or repulsed? Plus: You get rid of twinning, you are forced to vary angles and negative spaces, and you get a more irregular outline. All this can result in a more energetic, more appealing pose.


Of course there are exceptions to this rule. Keep the body straight if you have a reason for it (like a stiff pose or a strong upward motion).

And even then, you could always tilt the camera (think of superman’s horizontal flight which is rarely depicted horizontal).