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2 Ways to Make Hand Poses STAND OUT

Today we have two little tweaks for you that are guaranteed to make your hand poses more interesting to look at. Find out how to break symmetry by grouping the fingers and spice up the shapes by mixing angles in these illustrated examples.

These methods are actually pretty common design rules: It’s always good to break symmetry (also known as twinning) and likewise a good idea to let different parts stick out at different angles. But sometimes even skilled artists forget to apply this to hands as well.

1: Group fingers unevenly

It doesn’t matter if you draw characters with 4 or 5 fingers, you can always group them in a way that they don’t stick together to one boring shape.

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The same goes for too evenly spaced, symmetrical constellations. By making only some fingers spread and some stick together you can give it a much better visual rhythm.

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2: Give one or more fingers a different angle

Keep an eye out for opportunities to sprinkle in an extra bend somewhere (especially if it’s a overused cliché gesture like a point). If you want your audience to pay special attention to the hands, those extra details are mandatory.

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As with all design guidelines they can help you to give your poses that certain something, but it takes practice and a good feeling to really get it right. In any case you should always try as many variations as possible and never forget that something as tiny as an angled pinkie might be the step towards perfection that your pose is missing.

Looking for more hand-y information? You can find more all about hands in the “Hands 101” series found right here!

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olubunmi John

Beautiful one,very informative.Thank you for this.

Yashesh S. Mistry

Thank you so much to keep us reminded of what to take care of while animating. Thanks again.!! 🙂

Sabina K

Great tips! Definitely gonna keep all those things in mind next time I draw hands. 🙂

Jesse J. Jones

Hands are actors all to themselves!

Arthur Stour

Love love love love love this! I am going to try it right now, thank you very much! Thumbs up, lol!


Hella really useful. it helped me out much. tnx.