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3D Animation tip: Proper use of the placer


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Are you using the placer (also called world node) of your 3D rigs correctly? Character animator Jacob Frey explains what this controller is for and why you shouldn’t touch it while animating.

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Very helpful thanks. I missed the cool intro from your last video though. This one seemed like it didn’t have the fun of the last episode. Are you going to do that kind of thing again?

J.K. Riki

Hey Marcus! Thanks for the comment. Each week we’ll be posting a new video that is technically part of one “episode.” So the Detective Opening of the last video is the start of the full episode, and this is like the second part of it. In future weeks more will be released, and eventually they will have a YouTube playlist of one complete episode that plays through them all! This lets people watch just bits if they want, or a full episode (once it’s released) if they have time. Don’t worry, though. Future episodes will have the “fun” you mentioned. We haven’t seen the last of Ferdinand’s characters or a certain loud mouthed frog. 🙂

Hope that explains it! Thanks for watching!


Im glad you explained I was just coming to say the first episode was better. :p


Cool! Well done.


I gotta say, it’s great to see animators helping animators. But I never liked other animators telling me what to use and how when it comes to the rig. I think we all went through this phase when learning how to animate, trying to justify why we, ourselves, animate the way we do. As far as I am concerned, though, I use all the parts of the rig differently as necessary for the shot. I agree that there are some instances where certain workflows are smarter, but when it comes to industry animating time is money. Do what looks good and do it quickly. Cheat the IK if you need to move the whole character with the all control for a jump. For all of the budding animators out there, the only rule is that it looks good in the shot cam… Do what ever it takes to make that happen… all I’m saying is that this should not be taken as a rule only as an option. on that note… keep the videos coming! It’s always great to get tips.


That’s a fair assessment, and I agree. I suppose I should also mention that I’m in the game industry where we don’t deal much with weird camera angles and off origin animation, But when I do animate an acting piece I use all the parts of the buffalo 😉 I’ll also add that it’s been a while since I learned animation and I may have forgotten all of the mistakes I used to make. I may have also reacted a bit too much to this snippet of text explaining the video. “Jacob Frey explains what this controller is for and why you shouldn’t touch it.” The video was very well done and informative… also… thanks for the polite response!


The problem with using world nodes is you never know where it can go wrong. One slip up and your model is off screen and you are frustrated to understand why or where it went. So if you do it, make sure you are very careful. I prefer using each handle alone.