7 Easy Steps to More Free Time for Art (Part 2)

Before the holiday break we shared some techniques for you to begin taking back your time to devote to your creative works. Now here are more as we kick off the new year and plan resolutions and goals!

Step 5 – One Bite at a Time

Often we don’t start something because we feel it’s just too big for the small amount of time we have to devote to it. Instead, try to focus on one small, manageable aspect of the bigger picture. True, sitting down to finish an entire background painting, for example, would be nice. At the same time if you only have two minutes and can get one tree done in that background, you’ll still be closer to completed than you were two minutes ago! So go do that tree, even if you still have a forest to draw afterward.

Side tip: When you have an extra moment, break down the big project you want to tackle into smaller pieces, that way when you DO carve out five or ten minutes you’ll already know the next little bit to work on.

Step 6 – Preparation Now = Less Work Later

One of the trickiest things for many people to learn is the art of preparation. Sometimes we can feel that getting everything set up is a waste of time, because it’s time we could be spent jumping right into a project.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

When you take the time to set everything up correctly it speeds your overall progress from that point forward. It can be a tough habit to develop, but it’s one that’s extremely worth your effort. Just remember the simple motto “More work now means a lot less work later.”

Schedule in time for you!
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Step 7 – Schedule “YOU” In

We all have a thousand things to do every day, and somehow we find more to add to our lists along the way. Sometimes you just have to add yourself to your schedule. Make it as important as any other task you might have. If asked to do something during that time, say “Unfortunately I have an appointment for 30 minutes at that time.” You don’t have to say who the appointment is with; it’s with a very important person that you need to value as much as any other appointment! When you add yourself into the mix instead of just waiting for the scraps and leftovers of your day to devote to your own work, you make it a priority for yourself (and others!) that you are also important.

Hopefully these tips will launch you into a world of vastly more amounts of time than you ever dreamed you might have. Remember that it probably won’t happen overnight. It’s a process. Every so often return to this list and see if there’s anything you might have forgotten about, or a new step to try.

Now go forth and do great art!

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Phillip C.

Extremely helpful because my New Year Resolution is to work more on my own stuff and stop just chasing freelance work 24/7. Thanks!

Kelly B.

I like to chart out every minute of the day and that helps me to find time for my concept art that I want to do for fun.

Tory B.

I enjoyed reading this a lot… and it really helped me too! Thank you. I need to use all these tips.


Hello! Do you use Twitter? Id like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m enjoying your site and look forward to new updates.


Hi there, I just came to know your website and I wanted to tell you thanks to you for how good it is. ^.^


Extremely helpful because my New Year Resolution is to work more on my own stuff and stop just chasing freelance work 24/7. Thanks!