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In this 2D animation lesson for beginners we dive into the basic principles of physics all animators have to know.

Ferdinand is working live on the rig of a penguin detective for the game MS Salmon. Along the way we share some animation tips, discussions…
These characters are from another dimension… Pixar’s latest film Soul had some very creative character designs and animation. Let’s learn from a scene with Jerry…
Here is a quick storytelling tip about writing for animation (and writing for film in general) about one of the hardest aspects of the writing…
In this live stream we build the foundation for an animated short film: the script. Do you need a script for making animation? What is…
Animator Island was hacked. Don’t worry, payment details (e.g. when purchasing premium content) are not stored on our server, and therefore have not been affected…
Videos made for children are now treated differently on YouTube because of COPPA – the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. How will Coppa affect channels…

2D Animation Class

This is our ultimate series of animation tutorials for beginners.
Most lessons are completely free.

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We start with the basic principles of animation and go all the way to advanced techniques. Most videos talking about the basics of animation, working methods and theories are free.