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We proudly present the Animator Island Webshow! Get your weekly portion of animation news, know-how and how-to in video form. Let’s start with some news. What are you waiting for? Watch the video above and please comment, like, share and subscribe. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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Yashesh S. Mistry

First of all THANKS A TONNE for some great stuff, tips and tricks. I really love to keep in touch with this website..
My opinion for 2d is… It works great with Cartoons where you have to play a lot with shapes, breaking characters and stuff… So I would love to see 2d for Cartoons.
But as far as movies are concerned I would prefer to see 3D because that brings depth, appeal and a sense of its presence in the scene..
Just my thoughts.. 🙂


I’m a 13 year old beginner in animation. And to me 2D animation is never going to leave. Their is just something enjoyable about it. To me 3d animation is not really stylized enough like 2D is. And I believe that as long as people enjoy it then it will always stay.(pulse 2d started everything without it the we would not have had 3D in the first place)


You can do anything in 3D too! You just have to change the mesh to suit what you need it to do. Its the same progress as 2D you are animating one frame at a time. Its like your 3D rig is a drawing. #3Drocks

J.K. Riki

I can’t NOT chime in about a 2D discussion! As a huge fan and proponent of 2D traditional animation, I leap at the chance to see more of it, so long as it’s done in high quality. So much 2D these days is limited style or not very well crafted, which is a shame. To me 3D is limited in ways 2D is not. It’s possible to work past these limitations, but in 2D you don’t have to FIGHT to get the same things accomplished. If a model needs broken, you just draw it that way, and no computer sets off alarms saying there’s a splining error or whatever.

As long as I keep breathing, 2D will remain “Alive” because I myself do 2D, and will keep striving to do it better every day. I may not be releasing films in theaters, but I’ll keep chugging along until I take my last breath. Long live 2D! 🙂

Kathryn L.

I have to say for an introductory episode this was very well done. It had its problems, but overall you seemed very comfortable hosting it and I look forward to seeing more. I do animation for a local video production company, so if I could offer you a few suggestions? If you would like to hear them. Please don’t think I am being rude or ungrateful for the work you put in so far.

First, get yourself a boom mic. A boom mic is one that will perch above your desk- or where ever you are- and is extremely focused in its pickup pattern. That should solve your echo problem no matter what room you’re in- though you may need to play with things digitally to get that to work. Aside from that a wireless mic on your jacket could help too. If you record to a separate soundboard you will be able to have the audio and video in different files, and then you can change the audio settings post production more easily. I admit I don’t know that much about those aspects because someone else at the company handles them but I picked up bits here and there.

Your motion graphics are really well done, but you need to get more experience with how long and when to keep things on screen. For example the quotes during the Oscar segment went by so quickly while you were simultaneously saying other things unrelated to the words on screen that it’s near impossible for the brain to understand both. I paused the video the second playthrough to read them [terrible quotes, by the way, I can’t believe people who have that power said things like that] but most people likely will not do that. They will just become frustrated.

It seemed like the puppet’s bits were not scripted. While a bit of improvisation is nice, if you script his lines you will keep on track and need less editing. They went on a bit long and rambled in places to me. Scripts will help that.

I hope you are not offended by my suggestions. I think you have done a very nice job so far and would just like to offer suggestions on how to make it even better. Good luck with the next video I will be looking forward to it.


Fantastic! If I had a YouTube account I would subscribe. 🙂


The opening was hilarious! I love how you overacted the whole thing and were acting like you were some big shot detective! Ha ha ha! Keep up the good work I hope to see the Detective Ferdinand again soon. XD

Evelynn Ruhl

Keep up the excellent piece of work, I read few posts on this site and I believe that your videos will make it even better.

debra n.

Hello very cool web site!! Beautiful job in the video I will definitely watch future episodes. 😀


nice job


Thanks for the animation news summary! I hadn’t heard about the Oscar voters thing before so I looked it up. What a load of BS.


The opening part was really funny with your man detective drink What was in th eglass?

adria baff

Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know how much I like your new series. I have been watching every week thank you!


you should do another 1 and talk about the trailer for big hero 6 because it is amazing


Cool, nice job on this. Your room was kind of echoing though just so you know.


I’m just convinced this will be a good series. All the best for the following on Youtube! 😀


Hey its almost July where is the next monthly news for May and June??? Or was this just for the one time only thing………. hope not.