Animation Q&A with Josh Taback and Jim Schumann

The Animator Island Podcast Animation Q&A with Josh Taback
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Josh Taback returns for another Animator Island Q&A! This time he’s brought Dreamworks’ Producer Jim Schumann along and the two have an audio podcast version of the Q&A for your listening pleasure.

*Download it now by right-clicking here!*

Some of the highlights include which programs are the very best for digital drawing, how to deal with moving holds, and the every popular topic of jobs in the animation industry! Check it out, and if you have questions for the next Q&A send them along or leave them in the comment section right here!

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Sabina K

It’s a great idea to do Q&A as a podcast! I really enjoyed this, can’t wait to hear the next one!

lemony kate

Awe I like the ones with the pictures! The audio version doesn’t let me see your nice drawings. :>P

Other than that, wonderful Q+A!

I have one question for next Q+A. You said you worked on Simpsons and Nickelodeon’s show and now Dreamworks Boo. How come so many different studios? I’m hoping to get into animation one day but all my family lives in one general place (where I grew up) and if I have to move a lot then it will be hard to stay near them which I want to do. Is that normally what happens or did you just decide to try a lot of different places to work? (Also if you did decide different places is there a reason why like should I not work at certain studios lol)

Thank you! ^.^


How do I get a job at Dreamworks like you have? That is my dream job.


Great delivery. Great discussion.

My question for the next one is a little silly but whatever: What is your all time favorite animated film and why? 🙂

Brittany Deris

Great Q&A. I have a question for the next time one: What is more difficult, 2D animation or 3D animation? My friend Mark says 3D but I think 2D because you have to draw every frame. (We argue a lot.) ^.^


I just listened to a podcast with Josh and Jim. I really liked it, you both were relaxed and you both really new your stuff. I appreciated it as it was very informative but neither of you were egotistical about your knowledge and experience. I also got the impression that you both were really genuine and sincere. Thanks I will come back again and listen and maybe even take some notes. Cheers guys, from, Sheree in Australia.

lavaground Ono

Sweet podcast guys. My question is about what animator most influences you when you animate? For me it is Mark Henn.