Animation Styles & Independent Filmmaking – Hannes Rall – FMX 2014


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In this interview, independent animation director Hannes Rall pleads for the use of more diverse styles in animation. Find out how and why you should make your work stand out with inventive style choices and hear how you can get your animation career started.

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Florian S.

I think the thing most animators can benefit from is a change of style every once in a while. I see a lot of people who hone one style without trying others and you can learn a lot if you try a bunch of things instead. I remember when I tried Flash animation after mostly doing 3D and it really helped me to understand the shape aspect because everything was flat not like in Maya.


A change in the style of your animations can also bring out the creative side in you and you can thus design more wonderful animations. I recently tried making 3d characters. You can check them out at http://platinumplatypus.com online.