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What would you create if you could animate like a master?

Will you send lovable characters on epic adventures? Create impressive monsters? Stunning motion designs? Or maybe work at Disney or Pixar on a memorable blockbuster movie? Whatever inspires you, animation is the medium of infinite possibilities!

And here is the place where you can learn animation for free.

Our tutorial about the basics of animation (2D and 3D) will help you to build a solid foundation for your animation skills. We go through the rules and principles that you will need again and again to create believable and beautiful animation:

  • Learn to control speed and acceleration through timing and spacing
  • Master animation physics and create the feeling that gravity is pulling on your animated objects and characters
  • animate a bouncing ball in free open-source software blender and Krita
  • 1 hour long, in depth, step by step and easy to understand

Learn the basics of animation today.

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Ready for part 2?

Why stop now? Dive even deeper into the basic principles of animation with the premium part of our tutorial series.

You will learn how to make your animations a lot more elegant and interesting. Find out how and why floppy tails and cloth is being dragged behind. Discover how physical forces are passed on.  Get this tutorial now for a head start in your animation journey.

  • Learn how to animate floppy tails, ears and falling cloth.
  • All about inertia and physical forces
  • Animation terms: Drag, Follow-through, Overlap
  • Lifetime access to exclusive ELITE facebook group
  • Bouncing ball rig for blender 

Every purchase helps us to create more FREE tutorials!