Animators Speak Out: Keeping Motivated

A few weeks ago we asked how YOU keep motivated during the long, sometimes tedious process of animating. There were a ton of great responses, so let’s get to them! Here are what your fellow artists do to keep on keeping on.

“Personal sketchbook keeps me motivated.”

“I listen to really loud music – it never fails to get me moving and working harder.”

“I take breaks every 20 minutes. Then you don’t burn out. You can do the same moves for hours on end.”

“My development is switching between things I am working on. I will spend ten minutes on one artwork then ten on a different one. Then they are all fresh and new when my ten minutes is up!”

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(Ferdinand did indeed try the Pomodoro technique, and it seems to be going well for him!)

“I need to say that I am really motivated by other artists. I look online for place where they are doing great work and then I want to do great work to.”

On Twitter, Mahesh Pagar (@mah3sha) uses a similar technique to Cman4789, and says:

@AnimatorIsland I’ve got this board 😉
Inspiration for #Animation: https://www.pinterest.com/mah3sh/inspiration-for-animation/

Jackson and James both use the inspiration that comes from friends, family, and clients!

“For me motivation comes from my wife and daughter. If I feel like I want to quit, I look at their pictures on my desk and then say I HAVE TO KEEP GOING!”
-Jackson Fox

“Having clients and friends who need help keeps me motivated.”

Both Sabina K and Animenji agree that podcasts are a great motivator:

“I often listen to podcasts while working. I don’t want to leave my desk, because I don’t want to loose any part of the story, so I stay and get the work done.
The pomodore technique sounds so interesting! I have to try it!”
-Sabina K

“I listen to a lot of very motivating podcasts including but not limited to Chris Oatley’s Artcast, and The Bancroft Brother’s Animation Podcast. They inspire me to keep going.”

Chiming in with our longest response, Jacob notes:

“Haha I feel you guys! I always want to work on the side, but after animating for 8+ hours a day I pretty much just wanna lay in bed, watch a movie or play a video game. Doing stuff on the side feels super hard. I want to work on a new short film and animate on the side on friends’ projects but after a long day of work your brain is just exhausted.

But I am speaking about motivation after work. During work your biggest motivation should be passion. Whether its the project your wokring on, your love for animation or the pursue of following your dream and working towards your dream job.

If you are passionate you can and will get anywhere you want, because it’s linked with hard work and pushing yourself harder and harder every time.”

And finally, if you just need to resort to extreme measures, follow the lead of Ernest!

“My animation desk is suspended (via ropes that are lit on fire) above a pit of hungry, laser-equipped crocodiles. I try to complete the work before the ropes turn into ash…That’s motivation.”

Thanks to everyone for chiming in! If you have more techniques you’d like to share that help keep you motivated while working, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below! Now let’s all get pumped up and do some great animation!

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You’ve probably seen this post already, but its so awesome I have to share it.


Not that I know of any more tips so these were all instant useful thanks.


I like to tell stories and I think animation is the best medium for the kinds of stories I like to tell. Yes making money doing what I love would be spectacular. If I could not make money I would still make animated shorts to amuse myself and family members.