Why does your character move?

This makes or breaks your animation: Know WHY every single motion is happening! Find out what shortcut many beginners take and why that hurts your animation.


11 Second Club March 2019 – animation critiques and feedback

Let’s learn from the good, the bad and the ugly of the 11 Second Club competition from March 2019. Ferdinand critiques, reviews, rates, annotates and gives feedback to animations submitted to the competition.

Working as an animator at Blue Sky – Lisa Allen Interview FMX 2018

Blue Sky Animator Lisa Allen talks animation: What’s the best way to start animating? Can you pick what shots you are working on at a studio? Find out more in this interview filled with character animation insights and advice!

Falling brick – 51 animation exercise (live stream)

In this live stream we tackle exercise 3 of the 51 animation exercises – a brick falling from a shelf onto the ground.