Animation Q&A with Josh Taback and Jim Schumann

The Animator Island Podcast Animation Q&A with Josh Taback

Josh Taback returns for another Animator Island Q&A! This time he’s brought Dreamworks’ Producer Jim Schumann along and the two have an audio podcast version of the Q&A for your listening pleasure.

*Download it now by right-clicking here!*

Some of the highlights include which programs are the very best for digital drawing, how to deal with moving holds, and the every popular topic of jobs in the animation industry! Check it out, and if you have questions for the next Q&A send them along or leave them in the comment section right here!

Q&A: Inbetweening with Joshua Taback

Joshua Taback, 18 year veteran Director, Animator and Character Layout artist answers some questions about 2D traditional inbetweening in a step-by-step tutorial. Find out how you can perfectly maintain volumes and shapes between your key poses using the possibilities of digital animation.

Josh is answering questions from an Animator Island Q&A article. Check out the other answers as well – they contain very helpful tips and tricks about how to get your career started and an example instruction for improving a fashion drawing.

Tips for Drawing: Hands 103

The journey into drawing the human hand continues with this third installment, discussing an issue brought up by reader ‘Catplanet’ from the comments of the previous article. Today we tackle fingernails and their use at defining the planes of the fingers. Plus a few quick tips to differentiate male hands from female’s!


Tips for Drawing: Hands 101

Drawing hands is one of the toughest challenges an artist faces, and thanks to human’s familiarity with them it’s easy for people to point out the slightest mistake. Here is a quick, visual guide to get you through a few of the pitfalls that can pop up when drawing hands.