Floaty Animation – Avoid and improve this common mistake

Does your animation look floaty? Are your character’s limbs aimlessly hovering? Here are some pointers about what you could do to avoid and improve unwanted drifting and floating in your animation.

Animation Critique: The quarrel – good acting and boosting clarity

This is an animation critique for one of my students. She did a fantastic job with understanding the characters’ attitudes, values and motivations, but there is still a lot to tweak with regard to timing and posing to ensure everything comes across clearly.
Watch it above or click on “read more” to see the core lessons of this animation critique in text form.


Believable animation & finding your career path – Interview with Samy Fecih – UPDATE: Now also as mp3

In this interview lead animator Samy Fecih opens a treasure chest of valuable animation tipps and tricks. We talk about good and bad acting, working with reference, the challenges of realistic vs. cartoony styles and more… It’s an hour packed with animation know-how wrapped up with some advice for your demoreel and career path.

UPDATE: You don’t need no picture with your interviews? Click here for an audio only version to listen to. There are some tiny moments though where Samy shows stuff to the camera, but everything should still be understandable.

Animation Styles & Independent Filmmaking – Hannes Rall – FMX 2014

In this interview, independent animation director Hannes Rall pleads for the use of more diverse styles in animation. Find out how and why you should make your work stand out with inventive style choices and hear how you can get your animation career started.

Talkback: Wage fixing cartel, H.264 gamma bug, Anime, Movie trailers

Once again we have a closer look at all the comments, discussions, questions and tips that you guys left under our videos. What did you guys think about the wage fixing cartel, the “generic” Disney Style and the Anime way of animation? Find out alongside with some great hints about the H.264 gamma bug and a trick to save some disk space when archiving your image sequences.

Interview: Ed Hooks Acting for Animators FMX 2014

Legendary acting teacher Ed Hooks tells us about how he got into teaching acting for animators. We also dive into some acting theory, discuss what recent films might be missing in comparison to the old classics and also have a short look at animation in games. Character animators, this is a must-watch!