Working as an animator at Blue Sky – Lisa Allen Interview FMX 2018

Blue Sky Animator Lisa Allen talks animation: What’s the best way to start animating? Can you pick what shots you are working on at a studio? Find out more in this interview filled with character animation insights and advice!

2D and 3D Concept Art in VR? Interview with Jama Jurabaev

VR helps concept artists to create stunning visuals faster. Jama Jurabaev (Ready Player One, Jurassic World) tells us more about his process blending 2D and 3D in virtual reality.


Working Conditions of the VFX and Animation Industry

Can you make it in the VFX/Animation industry? Do you need to go to school for it? Can you live from the money you make? What is it like to work in the industry? Check out this in-depth interview with VFX artist Christian Bohm and join the discussion in the comments!


Directing Animation – Interview with Kyle Balda

How does the career path of an animation director looks like? What is the director’s perspective on a production and the story? How to stay inspired? (Co-Director of “The Lorax” and “Minions”) answers these questions and more..

Believable animation & finding your career path – Interview with Samy Fecih – UPDATE: Now also as mp3

In this interview lead animator Samy Fecih opens a treasure chest of valuable animation tipps and tricks. We talk about good and bad acting, working with reference, the challenges of realistic vs. cartoony styles and more… It’s an hour packed with animation know-how wrapped up with some advice for your demoreel and career path.

UPDATE: You don’t need no picture with your interviews? Click here for an audio only version to listen to. There are some tiny moments though where Samy shows stuff to the camera, but everything should still be understandable.