Falling brick – 51 animation exercise (live stream)

In this live stream we tackle exercise 3 of the 51 animation exercises – a brick falling from a shelf onto the ground.

Ducktales Teaser – Frame by frame Animation Analysis

A quick frame by frame look at the 15 seconds action-packed Ducktales teaser uncovering some interesting animation choices. What else can you spot? 😀

Physics in Animation: Action-Reaction


To conclude his wonderful series on Animation Physics, professor Alejandro Garcia takes a look at one of the most known principles in physics: Action-Reaction. This article clears up some common misconceptions and helps you to add some punch to your animation (one that creates a proper reaction that is).


Breakdowns – How to define motion

Breakdown poses are the animator’s most important tool to define motion. Find out how you can use them to control acceleration, arcs, as well as overlapping and follow through action.

Physics in Animation: The Law of Inertia


Get ready to be swept off your feet because today we’re talking inertia! Yep, that’s the physical principle that might literally sweep you off your feet during a bus ride and tosses you around in a roller coaster seat. Now, prepare to find out why it is important for your animation! Professor Alejandro Garcia, who teaches the course “Physics of Animation” at San José State, has returned to tell us about this law of nature that constantly influences you, me, or even a bowl of noodle soup whether still or in motion.