Four Lessons in Storytelling from Disney’s Latest Animated Films

Four story lessons from Disney's latest Animated Feature Films
Animated films often live or die based on their story and characters, so these aspects of film-making should be extremely important to all animators. As an author, storytelling is extremely important to me, and learning to study it is vital. Today we’ll dissect four lessons we can take away from a few of Disney’s latest animated features. The movies may not be perfect, but there are concrete reasons they’ve been successful and you can put those things in your own work as well!

Let’s learn a thing or two from Disney, shall we?


The Magic is NOT in Your Hands


As some of you might have seen in the talkback video, I recently started learning magic… well, magic tricks since real magic doesn’t seem to exist, it’s as close as I can get. It’s not only a relaxing hobby, it also taught me a lot that I can use for animation and storytelling. While I expected to learn things like directing attention or providing information in a such a way that it will not be questioned by the audience, the scope of the biggest lesson caught me a little off guard: It’s not the magician who makes the magic, it’s the audience.