Animation Industry Stats

Infographic: Animator Employment

Today we’ve got a quick and visual way to check out the latest data on Animation jobs in the US! (If you find some of the stats rather scary, don’t fret: It’s just an opportunity in disguise. Most of the rewarding things in life are indeed difficult, keep doing your best!)

Review: The Art of Rio

Titan Books returns with an interesting new “Art Of” title which combines the art of both of the first two Rio films into one inclusive tome. How does it stack up to the other art books we animators find a home for on our shelves?

Review: Disney’s Frozen

Now that Disney’s 53rd animated feature has been in theaters for a bit, we take a look at what went right and what went wrong in today’s Animator Island review. Heavy spoilers below, you’ve been warned!

Turbo: The Death of Animation

Turbo is a film about a snail who races in the Indy 500 against human beings in cars. If that does not sate your interest (or spoil it) enough, read on for one animator’s opinion of this train-wreck of a movie, and our industry as a whole.

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