Free 2D Animation Class

Do you want to learn animation?

Dragons, robots, bunnies, aliens, warriors, fairies, toasters…
There is no limit to what characters you can bring to life with 2D animation.

In fact, this is as close to magical powers you can get.
So… do you want to learn how to animate?

Over the next couple weeks and months I will create a complete 2D animation class right here. Check back regularly to see new lessons pop up.

How to animate 101

We start with the basics of animation and will go all the way to advanced animation techniques.

The first videos are out already, so you can start your journey to become an animator right now:

Thumbnail of the first video of the 2D animation class with the title "The best way to learn animation"

Videos about animation principles & theories are free
Many animated examples and animation exercises
frame by frame and interpolated keyframe animation

You will learn everything! The rules, the tricks, the secrets – everything I know.

About the teacher

I am an animator from Germany and I really had great luck with my animation education.

I got my diploma from the famous Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and that was the best thing that could have happened to me. I had the honor to learn from great mentors and teachers like Andreas Hykade and Ed Hooks. On top of that, my fellow students were insanely talented people. We were always pushing and inspriring each other.

For the last five years I was lucky enough to work on many different animation projects as an independet freelance animator – TV episodes, games and commercials.

But… Not everyone has a great animation school near them. Or can afford even an online school.

This is why most of the animation lessons in this class will be completely free.

Here is the course content so far:

Course Content

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