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Watch the video above to learn about the most important ingredient of animated motion.

When you learn animation, you will gain an incredible super power.

The super power to create motion, emotion and life from nothing – like an almighty god.

But to make these worlds, characters and stories become a reality on screen, you need to do more than just somehow moving things around.

As an animator you need to be able to tell your audience if what they see is heavy, light, sad or happy – just by the way it moves.

There are many principles, tools and rules that help you to become an animator. But it all comes down to this:

You have to control how motions look and feel

And the most powerful tool that you have to control how a motion feels is spacing.

Spacing is the distance an element travels between two frames of an animation.

Small spacing = small movement
Big spacing = big movement

By increasing and decreasing the spacings over the course of multiple frames, easing can be added to a motion.

A motion with the same spacing between each frame is called a linear motion. This only occurs very rarely in nature and usually needs to be avoided.

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