De-stress: Animation Style – Part 3

Last year we ran a series (found here) on ways to relax and keep away stress for animators. In Part 2 of the series we put out a call for YOUR best ideas and how you personally manage to keep cool when things get hectic! Today those ideas are being shared to all.

“listening to nature music and finding inspiration.”
@SKETCHes_22 via Twitter

“I go shopping lol.”
-Victoria in the comments

“I like to do some digital painting when I’m stressed out and don’t feel like staring at Maya windows anymore. It’s organic and nice and relaxes me. Plus there’s no rush because you don’t have any deadline!”
-kopi in the comments

“Watch a movie.”
-e in the comments

“sleep and watch films. Drink tea”
-@urbanimated via Twitter

“I like to take my dog Flipper out for a walk if I’m getting stressed. Most of the time the fresh air does me the most good and just moving around. Sometimes when you sit at a desk for hours and hours and hours just moving helps and melts away the pressure! Really enjoying the tips, thanks!”
-Jessica M. in the comments

“I usually play video games to relax.”
-Dragonman in the comments

“I try to do stuff like math to unwind. I find working on equations helps to distract me from art. Different sides of the brain!”
-Xiao Tsai in the comments

“I rub my dogs belly to relax. It relaxes both of us!”
-sara beth in the comments



den, wha ’bout dis here postings from alla us right here, right now……

is dese a distractions, or iz dese good……hrrrmmmmmm…?????


Git bak ta woik yewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. !!!!!!!

[[ Trust me when I say invent some crazed goofy hillbilly char- for such slow want to-be-distracted-times- such as this… that you’ve invented that is ONLY FOR YOU, AND BY YOUSELF talking to you in your head …. ]

This helps me and hope it helps alla yew…..NOW GIT BOK TA WOIK YEWWWW GUYZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!

serioulys… now means now……”


“If I get too stressed out from animating or painting I usually take a hot bath. Nothing is more relaxing than a long soak until your fingers turn to prunes!

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-Monica Gordon in the comments

“You just gotta push through and work harder! Ha ha”
-Gary in the comments
All in all, lots of great ideas here! Interesting that many seem to revolve around nature and/or animals. If you’ve got more ideas for ways to destress for your fellow animators, why not send them in to @AnimatorIsland via Twitter, post them on our Facebook page, or easiest of all just leave a comment below! Perhaps one day there will be a Part 4!

Read De-Stressing Part 1 here.
Read De-stressing Part 2 here.

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Great advice and I could sure use it today. Thanks everybody.


Thanks for sharing these.

Cool Chris

I was fairly pleased to find this list. If there is a part four I highly recommend breathing exercises, which you can find online many places.


Wearing black high heels with red felt bottoms relaxes me.


Good tips. I myself do the movie thing too its a good way to relax.


+1 to movie watchers


If i get stress of doing lot of drawings … I prefer going out to play cricket till I get sweat al Over my body 🙂 or sum times swimming I like… it relaxes me for sure .

Sayd Fuad

I take about 20 push-Up to relax my hands and spine after long clicking….


These are all really cool ideas, I do some of the stuff mentioned myself. I love doodling to relax, especially doing random speedpaints. Always fun to go crazy with them. One thing that I also find helps de stress is food! Cooking a simple meal can help, it’s kinda therapeutic even. And besides a nicely cooked warm meal can make ya feel better too XD Reading books and listening to interviews is always nice. But yeah drawing while listening to music or looking at nature is something that I find really soothes me. Thanks for all the nice advice you guys!