Be Better Than Disenchantment – Story and Animation Advice from Matt Groening’s Netflix series


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Avoid these animation and story mistakes made in Disenchantment! ⚔👹😲

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This is an in-depth analysis of the good, the bad and the ugly in Matt Groening’s new animation series on Netflix. We cover animation mistakes like a lack of overshoots and eases and why the story feels a bit thin most of the time. Find out what types of humor are used, what jokes are working best and why.

The video above is packed with animation advice and storytelling tips, so you can improve your own creative work – here are some of the lessons learned summarized in text form:

Story mistakes

Clearly define genre and tone of your story. Pre-production is meant for experimenting and finding the direction that works best. Then build on that instead of confusing your audience by switching things up too often. Promising one type of story and then mostly doing another is breaking a promise to the audience.

Watch out for inconsistencies in your world rules. If a character can sit in fire, it’s weird that he is afraid of lava – especially when a human later in the series survived falling in said lava.

Animation mistakes

If you are on a tight budget at least add overshoots to catch fast motions – it’s more important than eases.

A head rotation without a dip down just looks creepy. You have to draw breakdowns anyway, so draw some that show an arc.

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