Directly following the wildly popular Hands 101 (through 103) series by Joshua Taback, today we take a look at those mysterious “hands of the legs” the feet! Special thanks to Kev Craven for setting up this series with Josh.

Josh runs the highly educational “Drawniveristy:” A website dedicated to one-on-one advising of drawing techniques and skills. (You can check out more from Drawniversity here.) Kev is the mastermind behind the @Cackphrase game on Twitter. I was fortunate enough to put the two in touch when Kev had a particular question regarding animated feet such as those in Warner Brothers cartoons.

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For more on “weight in animation” you can check out this article, and stay tuned next Monday when Part 2 finishes this look at feet! Also in next week’s article will be a link to download the full set of tutorial images on Animator Island. See you then!