FMX 2013 // Ep. 1: Talking to Pixar


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This was fantastic! Great interviews and very well done to. When will there be more like it? Is this a new series? I like the videos cause it’s faster nd I don’t have to read lol.


Awesome video nice job.

carla brighton

This is pretty fantastic. I look forward to the next episode! It was a little long, but worth listening to. I had it playing in the background while I was working since you didn’t have to really see the people talking except that one part where it was just a text question and no speech (I thought Youtube had crashed lol).


Anticipating more videos from y’all. This was really well made and informative. Could I make one suggestion? Maybe a little shorter in length. I don’t usually have 20 minutes to watch stuff at work. Like 10-15 minutes would be good. Or maybe one interview per video. Thanks mates!

J.K. Riki

Thanks for the feedback Albert! The videos will range in length, and future FMX ones probably won’t be as long because of the intro/FMX montage. We appreciate the feedback; we want to make stuff people enjoy! 🙂


very nice video and interviews and I am going to go watch episode 2 now!

Adriana B.

Much thanks again, Want more!

Span 4000

Great new series for animators! It’s about time we got more stuff like this in our industry.



John H.

Really well made video. Usually stuff made by people teaching animation is crap ha ha. Good job. I hope to see more from you.

Mike Kingston

Will you do more videos please?


very cool video!