Gifts for Animators

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Want to bring joy to an animator?

Here are some gift ideas for your favorite creative people!

This is basically a shopping list of things that we either own ourselves and can highly recommend – or something that we really, really want ourselves. Seriously, I will print it out and give this list to anyone who asks what I want for Christmas.

And since we are all highly busy with Christmas deadlines, some of these a purely digital, so they make ideal last minute gifts for animator friends.

Price range goes from $10 – $40

Premium rigs – waiting to be animated

Sure, there are some amazing free 3D rigs out there, but it can get quite boring to always animate Morpheus or Eleven.

These premium rigs add some welcome variety to any character collection. They are thoughtfully built and packed with features and controllers.

Animating on Pixar level for a demoreel or the 11secondclub is a blast with these characters:

Digital tools

Some handy digital tools to make the life of a digital artist easier.

Real-life tools

While most animation work is done digitally nowadays, it can be really refreshing to do something analogue every now and then.

Books that inspire

Here are some recommendations for books. Some of them are known classics, but all of them useful and inspiring:

Merch can be the perfect gift

Any animator is a fan of some film or series. Help them celebrate their favorite world and characters with some figurines or other merch.

Tip: Look on for merch handcrafted by fans!

Cool stuff for animators only

And of course this list wouldn’t be complete without our very own animation lifestyle creations. These fun items feature some inside jokes only an animator can appreciate. Surprise your friends and support Animator Island at the same time!

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