Giveaway: Digital copy of the feature film Wrinkles

A while back we reviewed the animated feature “Arrugas.” It comes highly recommended, and today we’re happy to give away a free digital copy of the film in its English translation!

EDIT: The giveaway is now over, thanks for entering!

Wrinkles is definitely one of the deepest and most touching animated films I’ve personally ever seen. Its themes and characters speak to a real world truth that many animated (and non-animated) films gloss over. That’s not to say other animated films can’t deliver deep emotions to the audience, of course!

To enter this giveaway:

Just leave a comment below on this article talking about what YOUR most emotional experience with an animated film is! The tears of seven dwarfs as they grieve the loss of a princess, perhaps? Maybe it’s the triumphant reunion of a family of super heroes that thought all was lost? Whatever it is, let us know that animated film that went past simple entertainment and touched your life! A winner will be chosen at random on July 22nd, and contacted via email (so be sure it’s spelled correctly when you leave the comment!).

Screen shot from the animation film Arrugas
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Details of Wrinkles:

Wrinkles, starring Martin Sheen and Matthew Modine. The film is a touching story about an eccentric cast of aging characters who rebel against the institutional authority of a nursing home. 

The Hollywood Reporter called it “exceptional, a genuine crowd pleaser!” and Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian said “It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s sweet, it’s BRILLIANT.” The film is now available digitally and on DVD at A portion of proceeds from each digital sale goes to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. You can check out the trailer here:

The giveaway ends on July 21st, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck! (Note: Comments may take some time to appear, so thanks for your patience!)

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Sabina K

I cried like a baby on The iron giant.’ Souls don’t die.’

Mathias Takacs

Yup. My favorite!

Bernie W

My most emotional memory of an animated film is when Dumbo visits his Mom in Elephant prison. It is a very emotional scene.


The one that got me most recently was actually Wreck-It Ralph. It’s probably not one you’d think of as a tearjerker, but in the final fight when Ralph deliberately plummets from the sky, intending to sacrifice his life to save Vanellope, and then just to pull on the heartstrings even harder, he recites his life’s motto as he’s falling, clutching onto the medal she gave him, the one token of recognition he so desperately wanted, that he finally earned for being good to someone… I’m getting choked up just thinking about it.


Toy Story 3, when the toys are going down the incinerator and they are all hugging and saying good-bye.

shelley h.

I cried so much when I thought Flynn was dead in Tangled. I know it wasn’t for long but by mom had to shake me to see what was happening next because I had my hands over my eyes.


Ratatouille, when the big imperious Ego gets impressed by a simple peasant dish which takes him back in time while he was a kid, remembering how happy he was back then. Cooked by a freaking rat. The whole movie comes down to that. Great storytelling.

Mathias Takacs

For me it was ParaNorman. It is by no means a tear jerker.
I was in a creative rut that I couldn’t seem to dig myself out of. Watching that movie in all its hand made glory really inspired me. I left the theatre wanting to create art, and make great things!

Jonah Sidhom

‘Grave of the Fireflies’. That movie broke me.

Runner-up: ‘When the Wind Blows’… Here’s a synopsis from IMDb:

“With the help of government-issued pamphlets, an elderly British couple build a shelter and prepare for an impending nuclear attack, unaware that times and the nature of war have changed from their romantic memories of World War II.”

So yeah, those movies would be top 2. Heavy stuff.


for me it’s still the montage in “UP” where they’re meet each other and getting older.. it gets me every time i watch it!


When Bambi’s mom died. It might be the most classic scene in all of animation for heart feels.


The ending of paranorman, when Norman confronts the witch, touched me deeply since I could relate to the characters.

Benjamin A.

What recently got me is the final animated scene from “Waltz with Bashir” with the reporter. He talks about what he found after the massacre, slowly defining that he found a dead girls arm among the rubble, later with a matching head of locks. I was just sitting in my seat saying “No, no, no… I can’t take it anymore… that can’t be real.”… An then the final scene approached, showing how cruel it really was.
While the play with reality wa son emphasis here, I think the emotionality of the animation beforehand in combination with the text emphasized the cruelty even more what a filmed documentary wouldn’t have been able to deliver as we see pictures of nameless victims way too much in the media.

Yong Cheng

The most recent one was from The Wind Rises. The moment when Jiro and Naoko are getting married. There was this really deep significance to that scene and I could feel both of their emotions so strongly.

Kiran Ahlawat

Emotional scenes in animated movies make me cry very easily, much faster than any live action movie. I cried most when Simba loses his dad in Lion King.. That scene can make me emotional any time any day.

Rafael Tolentino da Silva

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Ricardo Ayasta

My top two moments are:
– The first 15 minutes of UP, when they met until they grow older.
– The last part of the Iron Giant, when the giant says “Superman”.


Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames)

It was Toy Story 3 for me.