Giveaway: Disney Archive Series – Animation!

Animator Island is celebrating it’s First Year Anniversary by giving YOU presents! We’re handing out a copy of Disney’s Archive Series: Animation to a reader and it very well could be you!

EDIT: Contest is now closed, thanks for stopping by! If you’d like to be up to date on when our next big contest will be held, just use the RSS button at the top right of the page, follow Animator Island on Twitter here, or we’ll be sure to post it on Facebook too!

Congratulations to Donald Olsen who is this giveaway’s winner.

On November 1st, 2012 Animator Island had been floating on the sea of the World Wide Web for one year. In honor of the occasion we’re giving away our best prize yet! Disney’s Archive Series is a collection of incredible art from past animation masters, all brilliantly reproduced for your own personal study and enjoyment.

The book features over 250 pages of absolutely brilliant art from the early days of Snow White all the way through recent films like The Lion King and The Princess and the Frog. See the elegant underdrawings in the original artists’ own hand before the cleanup stage and get a better perspective of just how they went about their process. Try to recreate the smooth, flowing lines to capture the magic that came from their pencils. Or just enjoy page after page of jaw dropping artwork.

What You Need To Do

All you have to do to win is leave a comment in the section below with your name and valid email address in the required fields. What should the comment be about? It’s your call! You might tell the world YOUR favorite animated film of all time. Maybe you want to give a shout out to a particular style of animation (stop-motion animators represent!). Whatever the case, just be sure to read the official rules to qualify and enter straight away, because the contest ends November 23rd 2012 at 11:59PM EST! Hurry and get your entry comment in now! (If your comment does not appear right away it may be held for the autospam filter. We will periodically check to approve comments that might have ended up there, so check back soon to be sure!)

Disney Archive Series is copyright Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney Company does not endorse and is not affiliated with this giveaway or Animator Island.

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Dan Long

This book looks awesome! “I’ve got the Drawn to Life” series and it’s great, but I love looking at roughs of key poses. I am primarily a 3D animator, but I like to try and think the way a 2D animator does. This is great inspiration for anyone that animates.


This is awesome!
I’ll just say that when I think back on it, I think my passion for animation truly started when I first saw Disney’s Robin Hood, and it still continues to entertain and inspire me in new ways almost 30 years later!


This is exciting. Can’t count the number of times I’d have turned the “Illusion of Life” page by page just to look at the drawings. It’s amazing how much you could learn just by looking at the art works. They’re a school in themselves, I guess.


My work is typically of the motion tweened variety, so I really want to expand my skills into frame-by-frame. Just wanted to say how helpful Animator Island is in learning traditional techniques. Keep it up!


Happy birthday Animator Island!
One of my favorite animation directors is Satoshi Kon.
His work is so inspirational that even Hollywood renowned film makers such as Christopher Nolan and Darren Aronofsky borrow ideas from and are evidently influenced by his unique style of storytelling.
I highly recommend him for anyone who appreciates a good film!
R.I.P. Mr. Kon!

Dave R

This book looks beautiful! My favourite Disney animated film is Pinocchio, i hope there are some sketches from it in this book.


Happy Anniversary!! I am about to graduate and head out into the field of animation and this website has been a great inspiration to me. AND, my favorite computer animated film of all time is the Lion King!


You’ve done a very good job with this website till now. I visit it a few times every week and it has always some interesting stuff on it.
By the way, congratulations for your first anniversary.

Wolfgang Haas

I would love to have a look at how the masters made some poses, since this seems to be my biggest weakness to date. But I’m not sure if you would actually send this overseas 😀

Wolfgang Haas

I would be very surprised if this were an illegal contest here 🙂


Happy Anniversary to animatorisland. Just wanted to say I find this site a god resource and appreciate you’re tips that you give out. My favourite animated movie is Matrix but since it’s not pure animation I’ll say Treasure Planet by Disney.

Chris E

Happy Anniversary!

The site is awesome keep it up. I’m always look for inspiration and tips.

Adarsh Girish

Disney archives series is gold for any artist or fan of animation alike. Each and every sketch exudes the talent and hard work of geniuses who relied on their skill rather than technology to develop a whole new art form.

Animation island has chosen the right gift to give away on this special day.

Happy Birthday!

Narita S.

Happy Anniversary!

Favorite… well, my absolute favorite media is definitely 2D. It’s very hard to pick a movie, but my favorite when I was younger was Disney’s Jungle Book.

Thank-you so much for this site! It is so helpful and filled with great lessons.

Carlos Altuve

Thanks for the regular #animtip Riki Studios. Crossing my fingers here to get a hold of this amazing book.

Bharat Nag

Hi Bharat Here. I just watched Ryan Woodward’s Thought Of You and its so beautiful. How the whole body convey’s the emotions. The girl is so beautiful reminds me of my girl friend. How innocent and lovable she has always been. And I have been so stupid. I’d like to say I’m sorry 🙁 .I may not express my feelings in words but I’d show the animation to her. Hope she gets the symbolism in the film.


wow that’s another best Monday update. usually i wait for every Monday for the updates in animation island. This time its going to be Friday hmm. That’s a very long time to wait for and if i am the lucky one than that would be a rocking weekend.

🙂 Happy birthday Master 🙂

Andrew G. Thomas

I love giveaways! Hoping to win, looks like a nice book.



Karthikeyan TS

I have always been following animator island and have always tried to implement the techniques posted. I’m a self learner as i cannot afford animation classes, so i learn from websites here: animatorisland,,,, and several favorite films which rip them to frame by frame using VLC player to analyze the motion. I also love charater design and see the best possibility to animate (act out) to convey emotions. I can keep talking / writing about animation all my life here.

My sincere thanks for all the posts here in animator island

Karthikeyan TS

Happy Birthday !!

🙂 🙂

Karthikeyan TS

I have always been following animator island for a long time now. being a self learner, like many others who cannot afford to join animation classes being very expensive, rely on these websites and books. i follow websites like,,, framexframe,, etc .. I also watch favorite movies and extract individual frames using VLC player to analyze frame by frame motion. I can talk / write all my life about animation.

Thanks for posting valuable techniques here in


Happy Birthday!!

Moving Drawings for life!! ;D


Happy Birthday!

Thanks for all the good advice 🙂

Andrew MS

I just now found out about this awesome website by entering this contest, so the way I see it I have already won!

It’s hard to say that I have a favorite type of animation, but when it comes to studying quality animation frame-by-frame, I have a general preference for stop-motion. Just because you can’t beat learning animation and drawing principles in unison by watching and drawing real objects as they move in 3d space. Some of my most favorite animated shows just so happen to be stop-motion also.

Anuardi Cantre

Nice giveaway and great site! I’ll be coming back lo surf around! Keep it moving!

Florian Eichin

hey animatorsisland,haaaappy birthday and by the way tangled is my very favourite animated movie, especially the ever after short.

Eike H.

Very cool Idea J.K.Riki. I’ve always been a big fan of 2D.

Tai Beaumont

Disney taught me that pathos is the heart of their animation.


Wow, a year already, congrats 😀 Very helpful site!
Lovely prize, added to Christmas list. Love seeing the orignal drawings before cleanup…why do they always look so much more full of life and energy?!

Jaco van der Sterren

I love how a lot of the drawings also show the animators spacing charts for the assistants to follow. You don`t often see that in other animation books.

Daniela Gobbo

This book has been in my ‘Save for later’ Amazon cart for a while, together with soooo many others. Hope I win so it will be a little easier to choose which book to buy next 😀

Happy Birthday!!


You guys ROCKED me to the core!
Discussion over!

Joshua K.

I love traditional 2D animation, I wish there were more people doing it.


A year of sound advice. Keep it rolling!

Lukas Niklaus

Ive looked at this book soo many times at the store… its a real gem!
Oh and favourite animated movie of all time?

Hmmm… hard to say… 2D… Sword in the stone, Lady and the Tramp, Lion King and a Lot more… 3D… Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, How to train your Dragon… and most recently Wreck it Ralph!!!

2D isnt dead… its the future… Future animators have to be able to do both! You better prepare for that! 🙂

Jeremy Alexander

I am currently writing this huge paper on Walt Disney and how he is the center of a common misconception, UB IWERKS is the heart and soul of Mickey Mouse. He is the epitome of Disney, and I could never REALLY look up too Walt Disney other than from a business point of view. I give him the ultimate credit of being one of the worlds best creative director but when it comes to Animation – the animators get so so over looked.

BUT THIS BOOK looks really awesome and I would love to read through this and study from it.

Pete Delahunty

Currently a student studying 2D animation, I find this site a great resource for challenges that I face all the time.

Happy birthday, AnimatorIsland. Cheers.


Happy Anniversary!!

The book looks great! Excellent way to celebrate an anniversary, specially for us!! 😛

Thanks and Cheers!

Mathieu Chouinard

Happy Anniversary!

Keep it up the good work!

Carl Tardif

Always return to basics and this book is made to let us see that the basics are amazing!
Let’s rock!

Jonathan Sirois

I want to thanks all the great animators and artists who have pushed the boundaries and created masterpieces that keep inspiring people today. Because of them, I became an animator and this is the best job ever !!!

Paul Logan Jr

I didn’t even know this book existed! Color me excited at the prospect of owning it for free! I will buy it anyways if I lose though. Black Friday at Barnes and Noble!

Desmond Bouey

This book looks outstanding, drawings that are masterpieces in themselves coming together to make one large masterpiece! Also, showing love to all of the 2D animators out there. 2D animation is a medium of animation that in my opinion has the most potential to translate feelings– may 2D animation live on.


The Walt Disney Animation Studios Archive Series are tremendous to look through and study, let alone own! I am fortunate to have a copy of DESIGN signed by Eric Goldberg, Mike Giaimo, Chris Sanders, Paul Felix, Lorelay Bove and Mike Gabriel.

What a fabulous opportunity, thanks!

Sajid H Dilawar

After years of thinking about the perfect way to animate. i came to realise that the easiest way is to animate the character in that particular moment. if we make a character move brilliantly but its not in that moment its useless. so now when i make a pose i look at it and ask myself is he there and if the answer is yes than everything else is easy. I hope this helps any aspiring animator who is searing for a direction.


happy birthdaay~~ !!!


Amazing book and amazing team!
Like animatorisland 😀

Jordan B.

I may be more of a digital artist, but I have to admit, the look and feel of traditional art is forever a staple to any artist. This book would definitely help my character designs and pose references. Happy Anniversary, Animator Island!

suresh padmaraj



Happy Anniversary!! It’s good know a place where you have so many talented artists around, especially if u stay at home and become a self learner :D, So keep up the good work and Amazing Book!


Florian Superschurke

awesome book! 🙂 I hope I win this 😀