Giveaway! Dragons 2 vs. The Lego Movie

Come one, come all, and join this animation duel! We’re giving away a copy of either How to Train Your Dragon 2 or The Lego Movie, and YOU will decide which. Leave a comment for a chance to win!

As you no doubt know, How to Train Your Dragon 2 was nominated for an Oscar this year, and The Lego Movie was so amazing that they couldn’t include it in the nominations for fear it would destroy any sense of competition! (That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.)

Oprah wins a Lego Oscar! Everything is Awesome!
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We’re giving away a copy of one of these films on Blu-ray/DVD and it will be up to you, dear reader, to decide which will take that honorable spot. Leave a comment on this article with a declaration of which film YOU thought was the best, and if you’re selected as the winner that film will be sent to your doorstep for repeated watching enjoyment! While you’d don’t have the explain why you liked one vs. the other, it’s great to hear the details so please don’t hesitate to give your full report alongside your choice.

You can see the Rules and Regulations page for the technical details, and the contest will close along with the comments on March 15th, 2015 at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time. Don’t wait until the last minute, leave your comment now!

Please note: Some comments may be caught in the site filter, so if you don’t see it pop up instantly don’t worry, we’ll be sure it gets approved soon.

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Lego Movie by a looong stretch. Dreamworks pooped the bed wit HTTYD2

Sabina K

The Lego Movie!
Something I didn’t expect much from turned out to be the most touching, inspirational, creative film I’ve seen in the last years. It has a beautiful message.


We are a how to train your dragon 2 fan

John McGrew

While both were quite entertaining, Lego Movie was the most refreshing and hilarious animated film I have seen in a long time. It has to be my favorite from 2014, and the past 5 years. The style of animation, widespread appeal, clever story, numerous quotable one-liners, and usage of Legos all factor in to it being so great. This is one movie I have watched over and over again without any sign of wear.


The LEGO Movie!

Ivo I. Solther

How to train your dragon 2!!!

Lego was beyond fantastic also, but oh my goooooosh the animation in Dragon 2

Ivo I. Solther

How to train your dragon 2!

LEGO was fantastic, but OH MY GOSH! the animation in HTTYD2!! Brilliant stuff!


The Lego Movie and it also should have won the Oscar. It was the most creative animated film I have seen in years. Yes, it was about toys and probably sold a lot of mechandise, but it was clearly not just a cash-out made for profit. It was a great great movie.


Its Httyd2! I can’t put my finger on it but it just resonates a lot with me. ( Well.. they could have different behemoths or design their rear ends a little better 😉 )


How to train your dragon 2! I love it. 🙂


HTTYD2 was beautiful but not very interesting and not really surprising. Lego was funny, nostalgic (for old guys like me), and show stuff that was never seen before. The end was a big disappointement but not enough to loose against Dragon2.
One of my alltime favourite with Book of life and Kaguya


I think that the better movie was the Lego Movie, though HTTYD2 was pretty good.

Michele P

my grandsons really love the HTTYD2 movie because of the cool animation and because they love dragons…


How To Train Your Dragon 2, of course.

Nina H

I loved the lego movie!


I like them both so send me them both.
Thanks =)


for me it’s hhtyd2!
i love the the story, score,animation, cinematography etc.


My favorite is httyd2 bebecause i really love the story and everything else.


I gotta say Lego Movie. That one really surprised me with how well made it was.