Giveaway: Monsters University Blu-ray/DVD Combo!

To kick off the first giveaway of 2014, Animator Island is sending along a copy of Disney-Pixar’s Monster’s University to one lucky reader! Read on for details on how you could BE that lucky reader!


Monsters University is the 2013 prequel to the hit film Monsters Inc, and follows monsters Mike and Sulley as they meet at college before they ever worked together at Monsters Incorporated.

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THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED, THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED! To win this Blu-ray/DVD combo pack all you have to do is visit any Animator Island article that has been especially helpful to you or that you’d like to share between February 3rd 2014 and February 28th 2014. At the bottom of the page click the “Tweet This” button.

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Send out the tweet that pops up, the new #animgiveaway hashtag included, and you’re automatically entered! Then on March 4th check your Direct Messages for a note to see if you were randomly selected to get the book. You can even enter using the Tweet This button on this very page, right below!

For complete rules and details visit the “Rules and Requirements” page. Giveaway is valid for anyone who meets the requirements listed. Good luck!


Not a Twitter user? Sign up here for free! Otherwise stay tuned for future Animator Island giveaways which range from comment-entries to art-creation!

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Cool giveaway, too bad I don’t have a twitter 🙁


Actually I think I’m gonna do it! 🙂

Alex Vvedensky

I agree with Sabina. I dont use twitter as well and I will not make one just for this. Using readers as ads is always pathetic. Do something cool and interesting for the readers to participate. Like ‘best review’ or ‘why you find this the most important animated movie in last 5 years’ or something. ‘Why this animation guy is/was important to the industry?”. Something creative (but not too time-consuming) and interesting for others to see in the end. On the other hand, you are giving away just ONE $30 or so movie. Thats not much at all. Doubt anyone will even bother. But definitely not ‘like us’ for your friends to see and then we might randomly you. Just an opinion of a reader.

Jen B

“On the other hand, you are giving away just ONE $30 or so movie. Thats not much at all. Doubt anyone will even bother.”

Wow you must be rich if you are so quick to turn your nose up at a free movie on blueray. Most of us aren’t I can’t just go buy every new film that comes out. I’m excited to have the chance to get a movie I don’t own for free and for only having to click like two buttons to enter. I don’t want to type some long thing about what my favorite movie is or whatever this is really easy. I feel like you are looking a gift horse in the mouth and finding some reason to be mad about a website doing a giveaway as a promotion but it is still giving away something they didn’t have to. And I would much rather see this kind of advertising because it is useful to getting information about animation out to more people than like the popup ads so many websites have or like how youtube puts stupid ads in front of every video and you have to wait 10 seconds to skip them which I HATE.


Hi J.K., I read this article, and attached commentary, last week, and it’s been bothering me since. I am a long time reader, first time commenter. Useless, negative vibes are things we live with daily, but when we spin them into positives, which I’ve witnessed you do on every occasion, a persons true colors are revealed. I am compelled to support your site, efforts and insights with my words and tweets. I look forward to your future posts. Cheers,

Cheryl W.

Hey, I will bother. I would even do it every day. My kids and I saw this at the theaters and I haven’t purchased one yet, so I am definitely going to tweet, tweet, tweet. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

josiah garneth

entered! I hope I win!! Did I tell you how much I love you lol! 😉