How to Become an Animator – Webinar Handout


Working Conditions Interview

In this interview I talked with VFX artist Christian Bohm about the state of the animation and VFX industry. Among other things, we talk about how to negotiate a fair wage for your job.

Animation Guild Wage Survey

The Animation Guild conducts yearly wage surveys (see sidebar on the right-hand side):

PDF to this years survey:

Animation Festivals

Find animation festivals near you:

Costs (Examples)

From 30.12.2017, prices change frequently

Animation Schools


  • Between $60 – $120 per hour
  • 52 x $120 = $6,240


  • Books: 10 x $30 = $300
  • Membership at tutorial website $300 per year
  • $500 more video tutorials

= $1,100 per year

Equipment and software

  • Adobe Creative Suite: $599 p.a. (incl. Flash/Animate, Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects)
  • Toon Boom Harmony: $180-$876 p.a.
  • Maya: $1,470 p.a.
  • Drawing tablet or screen $30 – $1,700
  • Lower high-end workstation: $1,200 (i7 7700K, GTX1060)

FREE Software


Powerful open-source 3D software:


Bitmap 2D Software:


OpenSource Vector (& Bitmap) 2D Software. Based on Toonz which is used by Studio Ghibli:


OpenSource Vector 2D Software.


Simple, but effective storyboarding software:

Great annotation tool

Draw on videos in sync with other users:


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