Big moments in your story and animation – storytelling tip

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Here are 2 ways how you can make your stories and animation performances feel more epic and meaningful. 😮😍

If something feels big to your character, it will also feel big to your audience. We empathize with something being important as we have things that are important to us personally.

This can be seen from two sides:

Life changing moments

Life changing moments are one of the most important tools for storytelling. They can mark the start of the plot or be the big character change in the end.

They can come from the character actively seeking to change or stop something OR they could be the result of something that is done to the character.

Adrenaline moment

An adrenaline moment rushes the character with feelings and emotions.

These are usually those moments in life in which we are so happy, sad, angry or (most of the time) embarrassed that we will never ever forget them.

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both are most important tools for storytelling.