Live Stream Q&A from November 3rd


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This is a recording of our first animation Q&A live stream from November 3rd 2016. We talk about thumbnailing, golden poses, raising the quality level and speed when animating and try to grasp the magic of appeal. Thanks again so much to all the wonderful people who joined us!

01:02 Sketching software Mischief https://www.madewithmischief.com/
02:57 Drawing thumbnails
07:20 How did we get into animation?
20:51 Golden poses, inspiration and reference
28:57 going from TV to feature film quality
36:07 It doesn’t have to be Disney/Pixar
41:03 Keep practicing e.g. with the 11secondclub.com
43:40 Criticism
46:00 Animating fast with good quality
54:55 What is appeal

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Hey. Great show.

What was the name of the artist who draw with a lot of appeal?