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Sorry, for the recent lack of updates. We got lost in the amazon jungle collecting rare orchids and ended up trapped in an Aztec temple, which turned out to be a space ship… Or maybe we were just busy with other life and work stuff.

JK is currently doing more writing than animation and has some amazing articles about life and creativity over on his blog jkriki.com (and also is recovering from vertigo). I have been busy working for Studio Film Bilder and pitching my own TV series to networks.However, we both would like to continue Animator Island – articles and videos. Unfortunately, writing articles or video scripts takes me forever to do, because I want to write the ultimative resource for you every single time. At the moment I don’t have that time… So I thought I want to try something different that forces me to produce more output faster: A Vlog where I answer your questions.

If you have any questions about animation, storytelling, producing, art etc., please write a comment below. I am a freelance 2D animator (frame by frame and puppet, mostly ToonBoom Harmony), but also sometimes do 3D. I will try to answer questions that I feel like are of interest for many people.

I am a little nervous about how this will turn out, but I also look forward to interacting more with you guys. Thanks for your loyalty (and a warm welcome to first time readers)!

All the best,


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