What is your animation missing?

Where could your work be improved?

How can you reach that expert level?

Figuring out how to become a great animator can be really tough. You practice hard, but you are not sure if you are getting anywhere. You worked forever on a project, but something is off that you can’t seem to fix.
Here’s what helped me to become a pro:

The fastest way to
improve your creative skills

Get professional feedback!

Professional feedback will help you to

  • eliminate mistakes that you just don’t see anymore,
  • conquer your weaknesses and bring out your strengths,
  • make your workflow more effective and organized,
  • teach you exciting new methods and techniques.

But how do you get this valuable input?

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Personal Mentoring

Take your art to the next level – thanks to professional input

Learning with an animation mentor is much faster and more effective than having to filter irrelevant information from a class or online tutorial.

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Tailor-made for you

A personal animation mentor creates lessons and challenges just for you. This way you can cut right to the critical and important steps for your skill building – based on any of your animations, projects or plans. No class or tutorial is that specific to your struggles and needs.

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Gets you there

The training is created with your long-term goals in mind.

If you want to master a certain style, create your own film or apply at a specific company, I will design exercises that get you where you want to be.

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More than an animator

I don’t just teach animation or drawing, I teach the mindset of great filmmakers and artists!

Learn how to craft authentic and believable performances and stories.

Hi there

My name is Ferdinand Engländer. I have been a professional animator for over 8 years and I remember that I had many aha moments whenever I got input from a professional. This is why I want to help others to experience the same boost on their creative journey.

I worked as an animation supervisor for the computer games The Inner World 1 and 2 and was responsible for rigging and layout on the BBC show Patchwork Pals. I also teach animation in schools all across Germany and  publish articles and videos about animation here on Animator Island.

Let’s talk about what you are struggling with!
Ferdinand Engländer
Mentor from AnimatorIsland.com

Risk free

Not 100% happy with my mentoring 30 days after a session ended? You get a 100% of your money back!

You can try Animator Island mentoring risk free!

15 minute recorded video critique

Submit your work (animation, demoreel, character design, story idea) and I will record a 15 minute video critique packed with tips and advice.

  • 15-minute video, sent to you within a week
  • drawing and annotating over your work
  • explaining how you can improve mistakes and overcome weaknesses
  • showing you how to bring out your strengths even more
  • giving you relevant advice on any questions you have


30 minute recorded video critique

You get a 30 minute video critique of your work (animation, demoreel, character design, story idea) diving deep into analysis. If you want I can give you exercises, so you have a roadmap on how to improve your skills.

  • 30-minute video, sent to you within a week
  • all the helpful annotations and advice from the 15-minute offer, plus:
  • exercises to speed up your skill building
  • optional: developing a long term learning plan to get you where you want to be.


1 hour live video call

In this 1-hour long live online call we can go much deeper than in any other package. Enough time to analyze long animations, many scenes form your demoreel or really plan out your learning or project schedule. It’s a one on one conversation, so you can ask questions and get answers immediately.

  • 60-minute online video call
  • all the skill-boosting critiquing, exercises and advice from the previous offers
  • but live, personal and more in-depth
  • detailed conversation helping you with your struggles and goals
  • requires a microphone, Skype and Google Hangouts and ideally a webcam.


I couldn’t have hoped for a better mentor

I had the pleasure of having Ferdinand as my mentor while animating for the video game “The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk” for six months. Ferdi always gave me great advice as well as constructive feedback and help whenever I was stuck somewhere.

Having someone who shared their great experience in both theory and practice – in a such a motivated, yet patient way – really helped me develop my animation skills better than I could ever have done alone or in class.
Momo B.
game artist & animator