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11SecondClub September – Animation Dos and Don’ts

Hours of animation tips and tricks in this 11SecondClub critiquing session. 💡💥✨ The audio was a song this month which sparked everyone’s creativity. 🎙️🎶

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Wander Over Yonder Animation and Storytelling

What makes Wander Over Yonder so fun and energetic? We have a closer look at the incredible animation, the amazing timing and the heartfelt storytelling. Let’s learn how we can make our puppet animation less stiff and how strong characters can be the driving force behind many stories.

Let’s animate – The magician’s mutant bunny

In this series we are doing a fun little 2D animation step by step, Part 1: Character design, analyzing reference and some posing.

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11 SecondClub June 2018 – Let’s rate and learn

Let’s have a look at the 11 Second Club competition entries of June 2018 and see what animation tips and tricks we can learn from them.

What we have learned at the FMX 2018

Are you up to date on the newest trends and developments in the animation industry?

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Digital painting t-shirt merch with artist palien_

Watch and learn while awesome artist Michaela Gote is coloring our first ever merch. Check out her website or twitch channel:

11 SecondClub February 2 – Let’s rate and learn

Let’s finish what we started! Rating and commenting on ALL 11 Sercond Club submissions of February 2018 – part 2.