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We finally have an extensive 1 hour long step-by-step animation tutorial for beginners (2D and 3D). Click here to start learning This was a ton of work to create, so please check it out and share it with people who are just starting out with animation (...or are bad...

What we have learned at the FMX 2018 Are you up to date on the newest trends and developments in the animation industry? We attended the FMX 2018 in April, where we listened to talks, presentation and panels of industry professionals. And now we would like to share everything...

Digital painting t-shirt merch with artist palien_ Watch and learn while awesome artist Michaela Gote is coloring our first ever merch. Check out her website or twitch channel:

11 Second Club February – Let’s rate and learn In this live stream I will have a look at this month's 11 Second Club competition entries (February 2018). Let's rate, comment, analyze, share some advice and have a good time 😄