Review: Disney/Pixar’s Brave

Disney Pixar’s Brave
released in theaters in the summer of 2012, and Animator Island partnered with the UK’s Skwigly Animation Magazine to bring you a review from one artist to another! How does the movie stand up under the critical eye of an animator? Click here to read the full Brave review!

An excerpt:

Pixar usually manages to suck me into the movie experience more than most studios, because their care for animation is at a level well above almost anyone else. Brave did an excellent job of continuing that tradition. Very few times did I notice something off at all from an animation perspective. Unfortunately there were quite a few things that were perfectly “right” and I just didn’t personally ENJOY the movement or style choices they made. For example…

Find out which things worked and which didn’t in the full review of Brave here.

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Mike Vercherung

You were a lot kinder to it than I would have been lol! I thought it was pretty bad for a pixar movie. When you put it next to somehting like Finding Nemo it can’t even compare at all.

I thought the kid brothers were funny tho.


I think it was the worst Pixar movie, yea including Cars. I don’t think they know what there doing anymore and I bet the next film flops big time.


All I know is I want a stuffed little brother teddy bear. (0.0)


wrote a post on Ben and his work on the film Wall-E. Now he’s the subject of a new book and a story on NPR about his iconic work. Wall-E is the best.


Its like you read my thoughts! Not great not terrible. Somewhere in the middle.

Genzio Sallieone

Finally saw it on DVD. It sucked. Bring on Incredibles 2.


Brave won the Oscar for best animated film so it looks like most people disagree with you about the movie. 😛