Drawing hands is one of the toughest challenges an artist faces, and thanks to human’s familiarity with them it’s easy for people to point out the slightest mistake. Here is a quick, visual guide to get you through a few of the pitfalls that can pop up when drawing hands.

By following these simple formulas and tips you can achieve well crafted hand drawings in any position, even difficult foreshortened shots!
Don’t think of the inside of the fingers like a V shape necessarily, think of the fingers as individual shapes connected to the base, then put “webbing” between them. This is something that took me a long time to fully get. This way, you’ll feel free to let the fingers do their thing. Then you just connect them with the web that can stretch or squash accordingly, but they are not connected to each other.

Above all, practice! And if you need any direct help one on one, check out www.Drawniversity.com!

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Joshua Taback is a 16 year veteran Director, Animator, and Character Layout Artist. He has worked for many years on The Simpsons television show, as well as Family Guy. Currently, he is a Director on Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja for Disney, and a personal mentor for artists via Drawniversity.com.