Tips for Drawing: Hands 102

After seeing a lot of responses and some questions, Joshua Taback returns with  more tips for drawing hands! Check out these tricks with even more details on curved fingers, drawing from odd angles, and how to give round shapes definitive sides.

Following the last Drawing Hands article, Pattie K. commented with the following:

Wow I never saw hands explained like that! What a great tip with the lines coming out from one spot and across the corners! Ive always struggled with hand drawing and this could be really helpful to me. I have one question which is what if the fingers are curved? Is it the same or does that change the lines coming out along the top part?

Josh responds:

For the rest of the images and tutorial, pop over to and see all the details!

Have more questions about drawing hands? Joshua is available to tutor privately via his website. And of course you can leave a comment below and maybe someone will have a tip to tackle whatever you’re currently stuck on!

UPDATE: Even more hand drawing tips can be found in Part 3 of this series, right here.

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Pattie K.

Wow, thanks! I feel so proud to be mentioned. ^_^

Cartooney Man

*fingers crossed for a Hands 103* These are great!


Good stuff.


very helpful thnx.


i are going to direct animation soon for my school crew but this will be very helpful as we have lot of characters!

Steve H.

I second the hands 103 request! 😀


I like this post, enjoyed this one.


This has been really useful and appriciated.