Tom Bancroft Webcast – 7 Days Only!

Last night Tom Bancroft had a webcast via Animschool, and it can be seen by all for the next 7 days right over here! It’s extremely insightful and a terrific look at his process and work. Plus a little mini-tour of his in-home studio!

Tom Bancroft has worked in the industry for many years, spending a lot of time at Disney before starting his own studio. He is responsible for the brilliant designs and animation of Mushu from Mulan. So check out Tom Bancroft’s video webcast before it’s gone!

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Wow, this was OUTSTANDING! When he drew overtop those 3D screens and changed the poses a little bit? That was amazing! It made you see just how stiff they all were and how just a little difference can make a huge impact.

Thanks for posting the link! Everyone should watch this one, it’s amazing…


Thank you so very much for the link! Awesome, amazing stuff!