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Are you using video editing software during the production of your animated films? Let’s explore the many ways that it can benefit and guide your whole workflow from the animatic all the way to the final export.

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Sabina K

Great video! Speaking of editing programs, I’d love to see a video or an article about compositing!

Ishaan M.

I looked at this and is beneficial for everyone to watch! Thank you! A very good length to I did not get bored. I wait for next video.

Logan M.

THIS IS AMAZING!! I always have trouble with video editing at the end of the process so thank you for the detailed explination!!


So after you have the animatic in the video editing software how do you go about animating it, or the process of doing it.

J.K. Riki

Personally, I break it down shot by shot and tackle one at a time. For each shot I will thumbnail the keys and then start to work out keyframes and timing. Then it’s just a matter of inbetweening and the long, arduous process of making everything work! Generally, though, you want to only work on one manageable shot at a time, not the whole piece. Then you can put it all together from there.


So like how would you take it from the video editing software to flash, or toon boom to do the final animation, like do you know of, or have a process for it.


Hey, you just made me realise that i approached the animatic in an entirely wrong way. thank you, honestly 😀
i was just wondering if adobe premiere really was the best choice, or if after effects wouldnt do the trick as well. i have to use AE later on anyway, for post production, so why not start with it right away?
i haven’t used premiere very much, so i really dont know.


mr engländer
tut mir leid, dass ich das hier schreiben muss, aber ich habe gerade gelesen, dass Du an der filmaka bw studiert hast. ich würde Dir super gerne ein paar fragen stellen (hoffe da nächstes jahr aufgenommen zu werden), aber leider hab ich nichts gefunden, um dir eine private nachricht zu schreiben?