Video Settings Explained for Animators


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We are back! And present to you: Everything (basic) an animator needs to know about choosing the right video settings and formats for animatics, pipeline exports and final animations. Find out what the many options in one of those complicated export windows mean and which of them you should choose in what situation.
What are your favorite formats and settings? And don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments below.

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thanks for sharing that, very insteresting. finally I understand 😉
I have a question; when I render with H264, colors are always lighter. Is it a problem with render image at the begining or the compression h264 do that ?


OH thank you Ferdinand for your answer, this help me a lot 😉
I’m happy to not be alone with this problem !
I think I will definitely forget my workflow and use yours !
So thanks again, and keep going, I love what you do on this website 😉


cool, you are back! definetly watching this entry later, but for now, 26mins are a bit too much 🙂