Better animation critiques when using Quicktime

Quick tip today, but a very important one a lot of animators seem to miss! When you upload an animated clip specifically looking for a critique, you’d do well to export and upload in Quicktime format. Why? Read on!

Animation, as you surely know, is an illusion created by playing individual drawings (or renderings) fast enough that the human eye sees it as movement instead of still images. In order to get the best analysis of it, though, you need to break it down into those still images again to make sure things are happening in the best way one frame at a time.

Unfortunately a lot of animators upload their work to YouTube or as animated gifs, which don’t allow this breaking down frame by frame. YouTube works well for showcasing animation, but not for critiquing it. Thankfully Quicktime works wonderfully for critique. You can go through things one frame at a time and roll/flip the images to see what’s going on and what needs improved.

Animation shown in Quicktime

If you want the best critique from other animators, present them your file in the Quicktime format. They will be able to give you a much more detailed critique on SPECIFIC things you can do to improve the animation, rather than general ideas like “it needs more easing.”

And remember, you’re never done learning, so go out there and get some critiques!