We need your questions! FMX Interviews 2014


Like last year we will have a closer look at the FMX conference that takes place from April, 22-25 in Stuttgart Germany. Lots of creative, talented people from our industry will be there and we will be making interviews again (check out last year’s interviews).

So if you have any questions that you always wanted to ask a professional, here is your opportunity! Just post your questions in the comments below and we might just pick it. You can direct it to any of the persons on the list or ask something general like “ask an animator, if….”.

These are the people we will probably be talking too:


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Chris W.

Wow that’s really great of you to ask our questions! I would say:

What is your favorite color? Ha ha, just kidding.

-What do you do apart from your normal job to unwind?
-How often do you practice outside of work for art?
-If someone wants to start their own stuff (like a comic) but is burned out after work what can they do? (THIS IS ME!)

Vera S.

hi there
i have a question for an animator: if you know you have to work fast, and barely enough time for your project where would you do cuts in character animation? then again: what would you NEVER leave out? (i’m in a hurry here, that’s why 😀 )

aaaaaand fun questions:
-what’s your favorite thing/task in animating?
-do you have a fav character/animal/monster which was the most fun to animate?

have fun@fmx, guys and eat tons of frozen yoghurt for me, plz 😀


Did you ever do the bouncing ball exercise? Everyone says to do it but I never see any pros doing it.


Nooooooooooooo I can’t believe I missed this1!! Will you do it again?? I would love to ask Ed Hooks stuff about acting!!!