Welcome to Animator Island

If you’re an animator, you’re now set. Animator Island is a treasure trove of animation secrets, techniques, tips, and information on your quest to become a Master Animator. Though examples are often shown as traditional 2D animation, the real focus are the core principals and methods that are essential to every avenue of our art form, from hand drawn to 3D to stop-motion to video game animation.

There are also reviews planned of animator-specific books and tools, and even animation reviews to point you towards the best out there for you to study and enjoy!

But maybe you’re wondering why Animator Island even exists, and why are we doing all this? Well, we believe that animators are a special group of people. Animation is, for the most part, not something you do all alone. (At the very least once you’re finished you want to show people all your hard work.) The website was created to share insights between animators, because we’re all in this together. The better each of us gets, the better we’ll all be as a whole!

If you’d like to jump right into the juicy secrets, you can find them right away by clicking here.

Your island home for improving your animation is updated every week with new tips, reviews, and examples. To make sure you never miss out the best thing to do is follow us on Twitter, where a link will be sent out when there’s a new must-see feature to absorb into your bag of tricks. (Don’t worry, we don’t spam your Twitter feed with ads like certain other animation websites; that’s annoying to us, too.)

All that’s left to do now is head around the Island and explore! Add to your knowledge, and if you’ve got some extra wisdom to share be sure to leave a comment so we can all get closer to that Master level!

As the legendary animator Ollie Johnston once said “Never stop learning when it comes to animation. Always find new things to try!”


Click here to follow us on Twitter so you don’t forget. A new window will open, so it won’t navigate you away from this page and it only takes a second. Then you won’t miss any new secrets. Plus sometimes we’ll have unique animation-related giveaways for all Twitter followers!

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Chris Wilson

Seems like a pretty cool concept. I look forward to seeing future updates here.

Brett McCoy

I don’t use Twitter… have you thought about having an RSS feed?

Brett McCoy

I used to use Twitter but wasn’t using it very much… Facebook is enough of a distraction! If you are on Facebook, BTW, there are a couple of very good hand-drawn animation groups with some fairly big names participating.

Thanks for the RSS feed! Added to Google reader….